Healthy Lands

Healthy Lands was created to provide information, tools and other resources on farming, food production, and stewardship that help maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of our farms and communities. Its’ hoped Healthy Lands will help create a greater understanding and awareness of how we can farm while protecting and improving our land and resources.

There is a long-standing spiritual connection with the land and it is recognized that everything is connected and of equal importance – the soil, water, plants, animals and people. Mother earth provides us with everything  as we follow the tradition of sow, grow, reap and rest, we need to consider how we farm so the land can continue to prosper and provide for seven  generations.

As we farm and grow food, we have the freedom to choose how and what we plant, the animals we raise, and how we care for the land for seven generations.

What do we have influence over?

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