First Nations Farm and Business Financing

First Nations Ag & Finance offers financing products to serve the needs of First Nation agriculture. Loans are available for farms, agricultural related businesses as well as value added enterprises.

Contact one of First Nations Ag & Finance experienced Business Advisors to discuss and review your farm financing needs.

Types of Loans

Term Loans

Term loans are available for machinery, livestock, buildings, farm improvements and land.  First Nations Ag & Finance’s Business Advisors will work with you to develop a viable business plan and loan application.  Terms of repayment are determined individually for each loan based on the farm profitability and cash flow.

Operating Credit

Operating lines of credit loans are available for input costs such as seed, feed and fertilizer. Operating credit loans must revolve on a yearly basis. Special assignments and risk management tools are required with these loans.

Tile Drainage Loans

First Nations Ag & Finance offers tile drainage loans for installing tile and drains on agricultural land. Available for 75 per cent of project costs, to a maximum of $20,000 per year at 6 per cent.

HerdBuilder Loans

Expanding your beef herd can be a challenge to your cashflow. HerdBuilder loans support your herd expansion with repayment terms that match your cashflow whether retaining heifers or purchasing bred heifers and breeding stock. Sheep and goat producers are eligible as well.