First Nations Women’s Entrepreneurship program (FNWE)

First Nations Ag & Finance is pleased to announce the launch of our newest program, the First Nations Women’s Entrepreneurship program (FNWE). Aiming to support women entrepreneurs, FNWE provides start-up and expansion micro loans and grants of up to $15,000 to eligible First Nations women entrepreneurs. In addition to micro-loans and grants, the FNWE program offers workshops and learning opportunities, as well as business planning guidance and coaching.


Eligible Business Projects

Farming and food production across Ontario

All types of business projects located in Central and Eastern Ontario

Start-ups and business expansions

Full or part time businesses

Eligible Business Costs

Purchase of machinery, equipment, leasehold improvements and renovations.

Operating costs: wages, utilities, inventory, insurance, etc.

Marketing and promotional items

Business advisory and business

Training service costs

Legal/ accounting/ technical supports

Applicant Eligibility

The FNWE program is available to First Nations women with Status, Eighteen years of age or older.


Workshops and other events, on line and in person are scheduled for the coming months. Workshop topics will include business planning, operations, marketing, competition analysis and much more. One-on-one coaching will also be available to interested candidates.

Micro Loan & Grant Details

Applicants can apply for up to $15,000 in financing and grants. Applicants must contribute a minimum of 5% equity. FNWE micro loans are repayable over 5 years and to support business cashflow, payments start after one year.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, but funding is limited. Successful applications will show how FNWE  funding will support the success of their business and growth in income and employment.

For more information, program guide, or application, please email or call 1-800-363-0329.

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