First Nations Ag & Finance Workshops

Please contact us if you have an item for the Calendar of Events – 1-800-363-0329


1. Is there a cost associated with the workshops?2020-11-18T13:43:46-05:00

No. We are not charging anything for these workshops. Please note, any internet or phone usage you accumulate for these workshops is your sole responsibility.

2. How do I register for the workshops?2023-10-23T22:21:31-04:00

You can register by emailing: or by calling 1-800-363-0329. You will need to provide us with your email, as we will be sending out a meeting link for your participation in the workshop.

3. What platform will be used to deliver the workshops?2023-10-16T23:16:23-04:00

FNAFO is using Microsoft Teams to deliver the workshops. If attendance is small, we will keep the workshops as a meeting to encourage engagement and allow for more in-depth questions; however, if the meetings get large, we will switch to a webinar type event.

4. I don’t have good internet, can I still attend the workshop?2020-11-18T13:46:08-05:00

Once registered, there are two options available:

  1. With the local phone number provided, you will be able to listen in to the workshop with audio only.
  2. If you internet is capable of streaming a live video, you can join the meeting online and ask Microsoft to call your phone, for the audio portion of the live event. Steps to do so will be provided.
5. Can I request a paper copy of the presentation?2020-11-18T13:46:17-05:00

Yes. We would be happy to send out a paper copy of the presentation. If you would like it before the workshop, please make sure to specify your request of a paper copy well in advance of the event, to allow for enough time for shipping.

6. I still have questions…2023-10-23T22:22:12-04:00

If you still have questions, please email: or call 1-800-363-0329.

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