FNWE Grant & Mentorship Program

In order to support the success of First Nations women entrepreneurs, the Grant and Mentorship Program matches experienced First Nations women entrepreneurs with potential/new business owners to create the foundation for launching a viable business.  It also provides FNWE resources, learning opportunities and micro-grants to explore a new business idea.

Who can apply?

  • First Nations women with status who are at the pre-launch or early start-up phase in their business;
  • Indigenous women-led and controlled businesses;
  • The applicant must be 18 years of age, or older;
  • Must be a resident of Ontario;
  • Must be a for-profit or social enterprise;
  • Full or part-time businesses;
  • Applications relating to farm and food production businesses are welcomed from applicants across Ontario.

What can the micro-grant be used for?

Micro-grants can be used for typical start-up business expenses. These include but are not limited to:

  • Purchase of office and administrative expenses;
  • Business Planning;
  • Business insurance;
  • Incorporation costs;
  • Professional fees (business registration, legal, accounting, etc.);
  • Rent expenses;
  • Marketing and advertising expenses;
  • Leasing or purchase of small equipment; and
  • Advisory services/expenses
  • Other start-up costs on a case-by-case basis

How much of a grant will each mentee receive?

Each mentee will receive up to $3000 for eligible start-up expenses. Funds will be advanced to participants as approved by the FNWE Business Coach. 


What is the application process?

Once your application is received you will be contacted and additional information about your project may be sought. When all information is obtained, your application will be screened for eligibility.

Once screened, the mentee will be contacted with a decision about their application and will be matched with a mentor.

For more information or application, please:

– Email: fnwe@firstnationsag.ca
– Call: 1 800 363 0329